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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Museum above main door P6270024.JPG (657969 bytes)

Museum c 1937 and curators house P6270014.JPG (693173 bytes)

Museum c 1937 P6270017.JPG (681091 bytes)

Museum curators house west side P6270018.JPG (645534 bytes)

Museum detail stained glass in door P6270033.JPG (672593 bytes)

Museum: Above main door  Museum c 1937 and Curators House  Museum c 1937   Museum: Curators House - West side Museum: Detail - Stained glass in door 
Museum entrance P6270048.JPG (639591 bytes) Museum House lantern detail P6270035.JPG (489258 bytes) Museum house lantern south side P6270034.JPG (630497 bytes) Museum house south side P6270032.JPG (573951 bytes) Museum lantern P6270050.JPG (650432 bytes)
Museum entrance  Museum House: Lantern detail  Museum House: Lantern - South side  Museum House: South side Museum lantern
Museum lanterns P6270049.JPG (674893 bytes) Museum main entrance west side P6270021.JPG (955607 bytes) Museum main entrance west side P6270022.JPG (623643 bytes) Museum north end courtyard entrance P6270019.JPG (623589 bytes) Museum over main door .JPG (677903 bytes)
Museum lanterns Museum main entrance west side  Museum main entrance west side Museum north end courtyard entrance  Museum over main door
Museum over main door P6270038.JPG (691368 bytes) Museum plaque 1958 P6270020.JPG (598369 bytes) Museum south dormer P6270030.JPG (666868 bytes) Museum south elevation P6270028.JPG (707104 bytes) Museum west side P6270023.JPG (652934 bytes)
Museum: Over main door Museum plaque - 1958 Museum: South dormer Museum: South elevation  Museum: West side
Museum window detail P6270027.JPG (605457 bytes) Museum with curators house in foreground P6270016.JPG (666890 bytes) Museum with curators house on right P6270042.JPG (673072 bytes) Museum with curators house on right P6270043.JPG (688651 bytes) Museum with detail of dormers P6270046.JPG (670511 bytes)
Museum: Window detail Museum with Curators House in foreground  Museum with Curators House on right Museum with Curators House on right Museum with detail of dormers