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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Barracks and bastion from Quay P6130073.JPG (777924 bytes)

Barracks and guardhouse P6130026.JPG (715444 bytes)

Barracks Central Passage P6130021.JPG (664452 bytes)

Barracks clock tower P6130027.JPG (733359 bytes)

Barracks clock tower P6130028.JPG (747863 bytes)

Barracks and Bastion from Quay

and Guardhouse
Barracks Central Passage Barracks Clock Tower Barracks Clock Tower
Barracks detail of clock face P6130036.JPG (842747 bytes) Barracks detail of crest and clock P6130034.JPG (651963 bytes) Barracks detail of crest P6130035.JPG (655476 bytes) Barracks P6130004.JPG (593479 bytes) Barracks P6130005.JPG (745513 bytes)
Barracks: Detail of clock face Barracks: Detail of crest and clock Barracks: Detail of crest  Barracks  Barracks 
Barracks P6130007.JPG (630886 bytes) Barracks P6130008.JPG (624429 bytes) Barracks P6130010.JPG (626204 bytes) Barracks P6130018.JPG (592616 bytes) Barracks past the de la Plagne P6130172.JPG (633354 bytes)
Barracks  Barracks  Barracks  Barracks  Barracks past the De La Plagne
Barracks plaque over passageway P6130037.JPG (650539 bytes) Barracks, guardhouse and wooden horse P6130029.JPG (939525 bytes) Wooden Horse and Guardhouse P6130011.JPG (862960 bytes) Wooden horse P6130033.JPG (1143075 bytes) Barrack Tower over the wall P6200059.JPG (650133 bytes)
Barracks plaque over passageway Barracks: Guardhouse and wooden horse Wooden Horse and Guardhouse Wooden horse Barrack Tower over the wall 
Barracks and governors wing P6200003.JPG (869247 bytes) Barracks and King's Bastion P6200067.JPG (638470 bytes) Barracks balcony to governor's quarters P6200012.JPG (665889 bytes) Barracks behind governors dovecote P6200011.JPG (669515 bytes) Barracks dormers governors wing P6200013.JPG (755771 bytes)
Barracks and Governors Wing Barracks and King's Bastion Barracks balcony to Governor's Quarters Barracks behind Governor's Dovecote  Barracks: Dormers - Governors Wing