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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Dauphin Gate P6130089.JPG (699812 bytes)

Dauphin Gate P6130090.JPG (700906 bytes)

Dauphin Gate trophies P6130092.JPG (627931 bytes)

Dauphine Gate counterweight P6130094.JPG (666561 bytes)

Dauphin Gate arms P6200092.JPG (637527 bytes)

Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate: Trophies Dauphin Gate: Counterweight Dauphin Gate: Arms 
Dauphin Gate detail P6200097.JPG (744207 bytes) Dauphin Gate from glacis P6200078.JPG (631502 bytes) Dauphin Gate officers guardhoue P6200099.JPG (680388 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200074.JPG (648145 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200075.JPG (648881 bytes)
Dauphin Gate: Detail  Dauphin Gate from glacis  Dauphin Gate: Officers Guardhouse  Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate
Dauphin Gate P6200076.JPG (650250 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200079.JPG (634963 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200090.JPG (650215 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200095.JPG (628439 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200102.JPG (662524 bytes)
Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate
Dauphin Gate P6200103.JPG (658141 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200107.JPG (661411 bytes) Dauphin Gate P6200161.JPG (660950 bytes) Dauphin Gate sluice mechanism P6200096.JPG (641889 bytes) Dauphin Gate soldiers guardhouse P6200100.JPG (697569 bytes)
Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate Dauphin Gate: Sluice mechanism Dauphin Gate: Soldiers guardhouse 
Dauphin Gate trophie P6200093.JPG (640122 bytes) Dauphin Gate trophie P6200098.JPG (654748 bytes) Dauphin powder magasin P6200070.JPG (657556 bytes) Sluice gate mechanism detail P6200158.JPG (654982 bytes) Sluice Gate mechanism P6200156.JPG (652192 bytes)
Dauphin Gate: Trophy Dauphin Gate: Trophy Dauphin Powder Magasin  Sluice gate mechanism detail Sluice Gate mechanism