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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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DAUPHIN DEMI-BASTION ~ PAGE 2  (25 Digital Pictures)

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Dauphin Bastion from the ditch P6200047.JPG (638456 bytes)

Dauphin bastion left face revetted in wood P6200065.JPG (623864 bytes)

Dauphin Bastion left flank P6200044.JPG (686955 bytes)

Dauphin bastion left flank P6200066.JPG (630950 bytes)

Dauphin Bastion P6200069.JPG (639779 bytes)

Dauphin Bastion from the ditch Dauphin Bastion: Left face revetted in wood  Dauphin Bastion: Left flank  Dauphin Bastion: Left flank  Dauphin Bastion
Dauphin bastion to King's Bastion P6200089.JPG (625564 bytes) Dauphin curtain wall to King's Bastion P6200043.JPG (642501 bytes) Dauphin powder magasin P6200070.JPG (657556 bytes) Guerite of Dauphin P6200077.JPG (653371 bytes) Gun embrasure at circular battery P6200110.JPG (647796 bytes)
Dauphin Bastion to King's Bastion Dauphin curtain wall to King's Bastion Dauphin Powder Magasin Guerite of Dauphin Gun embrasure at circular battery 
Postern at Dauphin bastion P6200040.JPG (667033 bytes) Postern looking to ditch P6200041.JPG (645495 bytes)   Merlon showing crampons holding cut stone P6200021.JPG (655968 bytes) Guerite at Dauphin P6200071.JPG (651621 bytes)
Postern at Dauphin bastion Postern looking to ditch   Merlon showing crampons holding cut stone  Guerite at Dauphin