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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Lartigue House P6130103.JPG (651272 bytes)

Lartigue House P6130104.JPG (665599 bytes)

Lartigue House cliff swallow P6130108.JPG (640952 bytes)

Lartigue House cliff swallows P6130106.JPG (606655 bytes)

Lartigue House P6200037.JPG (660266 bytes)

Lartigue House  Lartigue House  Lartigue House cliff swallow Lartigue House cliff swallows Lartigue House 
Lartigue House P6200111.JPG (634278 bytes) Lartigue House P6200113.JPG (653892 bytes) Lime Kiln P6200038.JPG (650000 bytes) Lime Kiln P6200039.JPG (659713 bytes) L'Artigue house from the south P6200105.JPG (650659 bytes)
Lartigue House  Lartigue House  Lime Kiln  Lime Kiln  Lartigue House: From the south 
Lartigue House P6200113.JPG (670107 bytes) l'Artigue east door step P6050092.JPG (634898 bytes) l'Artigue east dormers P6050090.JPG (663109 bytes) l'Artigue east side P6050091.JPG (686119 bytes) l'Artigue east side P6050098.JPG (644953 bytes)
Lartigue House East Door Step: Lartigue House East Dormers: Lartigue House East Side: Lartigue House East Side: Lartigue House
l'Artigue gate detail P6050097.JPG (638510 bytes) Lartigue house south P6050082.JPG (668511 bytes) l'artigue main door detail P6050099.JPG (625107 bytes) L'Artigue main door east P6050088.JPG (646973 bytes) l'Artigue north east corner P6050106.JPG (671402 bytes)
Gate: Lartigue House South Side: Lartigue House Main Door: Lartigue House Main Door - East Side: Lartigue House North East Corner: Lartigue House
l'Artigue north gable and gate P6050096.JPG (684351 bytes) l'Artigue north gable P6050093.JPG (693998 bytes) l'Artigue north gable P6050095.JPG (665700 bytes) l'Artigue north window P6050094.JPG (620947 bytes) l'Artigue shutter detail P6050103.JPG (634676 bytes)
North Gable End and Gate: Lartigue House North Gable End: Lartigue North Gable End: Lartigue North Window: Lartigue Shutter Hardware: Lartigue