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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Delort Magasin from west P6200179.JPG (670100 bytes)

Delort P6200166.JPG (650353 bytes)

Delort P6200167.JPG (648677 bytes)

Delort Sotrehouse P6200134.JPG (639968 bytes)

Delort Storehouse P6200139.JPG (672785 bytes)

Delort Magasin from west  Delort Delort Delort Sotrehouse Delort Sotrehouse
Dormer Delort Magaxin P6200175.JPG (692911 bytes) Santier and Bigot P6200162.JPG (645202 bytes) Santier front dormers P6200146.JPG (669454 bytes) Santier House detail of roof P6200141.JPG (652744 bytes) Santier House detail of roof P6200141.JPG (652744 bytes)
Dormer: Delort Magasin Santier and Block 2 Bigot Santier: Front - dormers Santier House: Detail of roof Santier House: Detail of roof
Santier House P6200137.JPG (655343 bytes) Santier House P6200147.JPG (663905 bytes) Santier house rear P6200140.JPG (644353 bytes) Wheel barrow at Delort magasin P6200170.JPG (637904 bytes) Window Delort P6200171.JPG (668892 bytes)
Santier House Santier House Santier House: Rear Wheel barrow at Delort Magasin Window: Delort
Block 4 buildings rear view P6270011.JPG (753846 bytes) Block 4 south side P6200001.JPG (591804 bytes) Santier House brick detail P6200145.JPG (660299 bytes) Cassagneoles-Detcheverry shutter P7170023.JPG (624820 bytes) Cassagnoles-Detchevarry P7170030.JPG (654497 bytes)
Block 4 buildings: rear view  Block 4: South side Santier House: Brick detail  Shutter: Cassagnolles - Detcheverry Cassagnolles - Detcheverry
Cassagnoles-detcheverry P7170020.JPG (685389 bytes) Cassagnoles-Detcheverry window P7170022.JPG (664203 bytes) Cassagnoles-Detcheverry window P7170032.JPG (645368 bytes) Cassagnoles-Detchverry roof P7170031.JPG (663209 bytes) Delort  boutique P7170062.JPG (684917 bytes)
Cassagnolles - Detcheverry Window: Cassagnolles - Detcheverry Window: Cassagnolles - Detcheverry Roof: Cassagnolles - Detcheverry Boutique: Delort