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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Beausejour Tavern, le Billard P6130136.JPG (667215 bytes)

Door, Beausejour tavern P6130156.JPG (651862 bytes)

Door, lock detail, Beausejour Tavern P6130157.JPG (643158 bytes)

Inn Sign, Beausejour P6130125.JPG (710274 bytes)

Inn Sign, beausejour Tavern P6130128.JPG (684492 bytes)

Beauséjour Tavern: Le Billard Door: Beauséjour tavern Door: lock detail - Beauséjour Tavern Inn Sign: Beauséjour  Inn Sign: Beauséjour Tavern 
Lagrange House, rear view P6130169.JPG (636897 bytes) Beausejour Inn P6200132.JPG (654191 bytes) Beausejour Inn P6200133.JPG (664189 bytes) Beausejour Inn P6200168.JPG (676090 bytes) Beausejour Inn with carcan P6200169.JPG (677431 bytes)
Lagrange House: Rear view  Beauséjour Inn Beauséjour Inn Beauséjour Inn Beauséjour Inn with carcan
Beausejour outbuilding P6200172.JPG (678986 bytes) Beausejour outbuilding P6200174.JPG (684274 bytes) Beausejour rear P6200173.JPG (663849 bytes) La Grange House P6200131.JPG (649066 bytes) La Grange House rear P6200178.JPG (655690 bytes)
Beauséjour: Outbuilding Beauséjour: Outbuilding Beauséjour: Rear  La Grange House La Grange House: rear 
 La Grange from south P6200149.JPG (649180 bytes) Block 3 south side, LaGrange and Beausejour P6200002.JPG (536940 bytes) Louisbourg cross reproduction P6200180.JPG (672362 bytes) Louisbourg Cross reproduction P6200181.JPG (637862 bytes) Beausejour detail P7170068.JPG (649709 bytes)
La Grange from south Block 3 south side: LaGrange and Beauséjour  Louisbourg cross reproduction Louisbourg cross reproduction Basement Window: Beauséjour
Beausejour door P7170071.JPG (677787 bytes) Beausejour finial P7170072.JPG (1803224 bytes) Beausejour finial P7170075.JPG (657446 bytes) Beausejour Inn P7170067.JPG (1718051 bytes) Beausejour P7170070.JPG (658284 bytes)
Door Detail: Beauséjour Finial: Beauséjour Finial: Beauséjour Tavern: Beauséjour Beauséjour