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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Engineers House gate P6200125.JPG (936958 bytes)

Engineers house P6200130.JPG (701141 bytes)

Engineers house P6200133.JPG (1056668 bytes)

Engineers house P6200137.JPG (792129 bytes)

Engineers house P6200138.JPG (683616 bytes)

Engineers House gate Engineers House  Engineers House  Engineers House  Engineers House 
Engineers house stables P6200126.JPG (666471 bytes) Engineers main entrance P6200134.JPG (662043 bytes) Fencing block 1 hurdles P6200123.JPG (651136 bytes) Fencing detail  of hurdles P6200119.JPG (653114 bytes) Fencing detail of hurdles P6200118.JPG (654308 bytes)
Engineers House stables Engineers main entrance Fencing: Block 1 hurdles Fencing detail of hurdles Fencing detail of hurdles
Fencing detail of hurdles P6200120.JPG (661011 bytes) Fencing detail of hurdles P6200121.JPG (664095 bytes) Fencing, hurdles, for animals P6200117.JPG (660965 bytes) Garden Engineers P6200129.JPG (668107 bytes) Garden sundial engineers house P6200131.JPG (660108 bytes)
Fencing detail of hurdles Fencing detail of hurdles Fencing: hurdles, for animals Garden: Engineers Garden sundial: Engineers House
Hangard d'Artillerie along Petit Etaing P6200101.JPG (642481 bytes) Hangard d'artillerie with guns P6200110.JPG (1047842 bytes) Privy engineers P6200128.JPG (642693 bytes) quay on a wet day, magasin general P6200114.JPG (663823 bytes) Stables Engineers P6200127.JPG (654256 bytes)
Hangard d'Artillerie along Petit Etaing  Hangard d'Artillerie with guns Privy: Engineers Quay on a wet day: Magasin General Stables: Engineers
Sundial detail, Engineers P6200132.JPG (675348 bytes) Window Engineers houseP6200135.JPG (647777 bytes) Window in Bakery P6200094.JPG (672902 bytes) Engineer's Stable roof and duHaget P6130115.JPG (662632 bytes) Window in Hangard P6200103.JPG (578785 bytes)
Sundial detail: Engineers Window: Engineers House Window in Bakery Engineer's Stable roof and DuHaget Window in Hangard