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Did the soldiers wear gaiters?

This is what Gilles Proulx says about gaiters in Study of Military Costume at Louisbourg 1713- 1758:

In most of the eighteenth century pictures and paintings that I studied during my research, the French soldier is shown wearing gaiters. At Louisbourg, however, gaiters do not seem to have been part of the soldier's usual accoutrements. The only reference to gaiters prior to 1745 that I have found is in a document dating from 1743, in which mention is made of 800 pairs of gaiters to be shipped to Isle Royale…. The wearing of gaiters at Louisbourg was not widespread until after 1751, but again, if the colonial authorities are to be believed, they were worn as a favour granted by Commissaire- Ordonnateur Prévost and not because the government compelled them to do so.