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What are the pay rates for the Karrer?

Jullien in 1976 reported the 1750s pay rates as: “For a Captain, at the rank of lieutenant of a vessel, 1000 livres a year in France, double at sea or in the colonies. A lieutenant, rank of enseigne, received 600 livres, double in the colonies. Soldiers’ pay varied between 20 livres to 30 or 40, depending on their position. A “traban” (a rank in Swiss and German troops, in this context, “soldier”) received 20 livres in France and 35 at Île Royale. There is no information on deductions in this source. When they married, Karrers were entitled to a payment of 100 livres to help them establish a home; this was raised to 300 livres in 1752.”