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What was the fate of the Captain of the Vigilant?

The Vigilant was sent to support Louisbourg in the spring of 1745. A new vessel of 64 guns, her Captain, Maisonfort, took two British prizes en route to Louisbourg, and was pursuing a potential third when she fell in with Warren's fleet off Louisbourg. Outnumbered, she fled and was pursued until forced into battle. The rash act of pursuit just off Louisbourg resulted in the disastrous loss of the only vessel France was able to dispatch to Louisbourg at that time (four more vessels were sent shortly afterward, but too late for the defense of Louisbourg). McLennan describes the resistance offered by the captain and crew of the Vigilant as "gallant," reporting that Maisonfort did not surrender until the vessel was unworkable and had to be towed to Gabarus, 60 of her crew of 500 were killed in the battle. This vessel would have been tremendously valuable to the defense of Louisbourg in the siege of 1745; its capture demonstrates the important role of naval support for both sides in that siege. Maisonfort and his crew were taken prisoner.