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Deceased J. P. DICK 
(August 22, 1857-October 18, 1914)

October 7, 1918



January 1, 1975

I received this copy of the Division of my Grandfathers Estate from my father on the above date.

He had brought a copy of this Division with him at the time of his Immigration to Canada.

It was written in the Russian Language and my Uncle George Dick had it translated with the help of Neil Enns, of St. Catherines.

John H. Dick

This bill of the division of the property, left behind by the deceased J. P. Dick was compiled on the 7th. day of October 1918 in the house of the widow Margaret Dick at the chut or (estate) Samoylenko, Aleksandrovsk Province, of the exact account of the inheritance properties accrued after his death on October 18, 1914, -- as well as the settlement properties of the previous township of Krasnoploye, having belonged to the deceased J. P. Dick, to be divided among his heirs.

According to prevailing rules of "inheritance distributions" by the Mennonites in Russia , all movable as well as immovable properties, jointly belong to the heirs of the deceased Johan and widow Margaret Dick, whosoever dies first.

The sole heirs appear to be the natural children of the deceased Johan Dick: a) of the first marriage, of adult age, Abram Dick., b) of the second marriage of adult ages Johan, Justina (married to Dick), and Margaret Dick; of minor ages: Peter 20 years Sara (18 years), Jakob (14 years Herman 12 years Gerhard (8 years). Helen (7 years) of age.

Representing their interests are the guardians Heinrich Wiens and Peter Dick.

All properties movable and immovable jointly belonging to the heirs of the deceased Johan P. Dick and widow Margaret Dick by estimation of the village administrator Korn. Neufeld consist of:

1) - Estate: (109) one hundred nine desyatine, 1,800 
square sazhen land, located on the chutor Samoylenko, 
part of which is mortgaged in the Petersburg Dvoryanskaya 
2) - Several buildings: living house stable barn                                     16, 800.00
3) - Live inventory: horses, cows etc.                                                       23,120.00
4) - Dead inventory: farm machinery, plows, etc.                                   16,420.00
5) - Various tools and harnesses                                                               3,892.00
6) - Furniture clothing, material, edibles                                              

                                                                                                   Total        72,200.00
Debts against this property accounted for totaled                                     3,000.00
                                                                                                   net Total   69,200.00

Subtracting the debts leaves a clear inheritance of (109) desyatine 1,800 square sazhen land an aggregated and estimated capital of 69,200.00 Rubles.

Of this property, according to prevailing Mennonite rules, one half, in the amount of 54 desyatine, 2,100 square sazhen land and 34,600.00 Rubles of estimated capital represents the share of the widow Margaret Dick.

The other half, in the same amount of 54 desyatine 2,100 square sazhen land, and 34,600.00 Rubles of estimated (monetary value) capital is divisible between above-mentioned heirs, evenly, amounting to each of them of: 5 desyatine, 117 square sazhen, and 3,460.00 Rubles per person.

Concerning the movable property and buildings, this all belongs to the widow Margaret Dick for auction rates, and therefore is obliged to pay for all searches and any encumbrances apt to encroach upon said property.

The shared owing to the heirs of adult age, the widowed Margaret Dick is obligated to defer to them by January 1, 1919, the land as well as the estimated capital.

But the heritage of the minor children remains in the full use, free of any charge, of the widow Margaret Dick, the land as well as the estimated capital, until such time, as they become of age.

In exchange for this, the widow Margaret Dick is obliged to give the young children of his, a home, clothing, food, at certain ages proper education, paying for this purpose to various educational institutions from her own funds.

Even though the debts toward the minor heirs, which are in full use and free of charge in the hands of the widow Margaret Dick, and to stay with her until they become of age, --- should a situation arise, that for any reason the financial position of the widow Margaret Dick should become unstable to the opinion of the guardians, that she cannot fully serve and guarantee the security in the interest of the heirs, --- the whole debt of the minor heirs then must be rendered over to the guardians.

Furthermore the widow Margaret Dick obliges to give each minor heir as it 3 becomes of age to the sons: 1 (one) horse each, and to the daughters: 1 (one) cow and a wardrobe (hope chest) each.

This deed (act) was compiled by the Elder of Orphanages of the previous county of Krasnopolye in the presence of the widow Margaret Dick, her trustee, the adult heirs, the guardians., the minor heirs, and the local village reeve.

This deed has been read, and signed by all presiding in full agreement with the above mentioned terms.

All the words herein written are correct.

(People present?) Widow Margaret Dick, guardian Aron Janzen, adult heirs Abram Dick, Johan Dick, Justina, Dick, Margareta Dick, their trustee J. Berg, guardian Heinrich Wiens, interceptor for guardians Korn. Enns, and the local village reeve Korn. Neufeld.

The absolute correctness and valid presentation of this copy is certified by affixing signatures and the stamp of office.

                                                                  Re: Secretary of the Reeve J. Driediger

Chutor Tiegenhof                              October 12th., 1918.

This will or testament was originally composed in German and when Korn. Enns translated it into the Russian Language, in order to be able to present it to the government banks and authorities the "correctness of words" had to be verified.

P. S. When translating this will from Russian into English, I tried as much as possible to adhere to the literal wording without distorting the meaning of the sentence.

Sincerely per: Neil Enns