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Dück Family Name

The name Dyck, as with many other Mennonite names, has undergone changes during the wandering of the Mennonites. The original Netherlandish van Dyck or Dyck has been changed into the Prussian form Dück. The name Dyck (Dueck, Dück, Dick, Dieck, van Dyck, Von Dick, von den Dyck) is of Dutch origin, being first mentioned in the Flemish congregation of West-Prussia in 1592. One hundred and nineteen families of this name were listed in West-Prussia in 1776, 492 persons in 1910 and 385 persons in 1935. (Menn. Encycl. Vol. II, p. 114) In his book, “The Netherlandish Heritage of the Prussian Russian Mennonites”, (p. 109) Dr. J.S. Postma Mentions a “van den Dyck uit het groote Waerder in 1592.” It has been stated that more than four percent of the entire Mennonite population in Russia (after the first world war) bore the name Dyck (Prof. B.H. Unruh, P. 72). If we merely glance at the names accumulated in this register they may not tell us much. But if we pause for a moment at each of the names and data, especially of the older generations, we might ask the questions - who were these people? Where and how did they live? ...

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